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Buenos Aires - Argentinien


The company ALELEDER is devoted exclusively to the export of Polo Products

(Boots- Saddles-Helmets-accessories, etc) and also made to measure Boots for horse-riding sport, hunting, cross-country, etc. In different Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, etc.

Our Products

Our goal is to send to markets abroad the handcrafted leather with the worldwide known ARGENTINE LEATHER. And satisfy the wish of customers abroad, and naturally all ideas and comments are welcomed.

Our Master Boot Makers and Saddle Makers

Our Masters work in the same way than in Europe ( I graduated as Master in Berlin 1983) , and Argentina has made Boots and saddles since ages , as it is huge a country and for the use of horses,. Today its is as important as it was hundred of years ago.


Alexander Hugo Kachlicki

Master Shoemaker - Boots

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